14 Beauty Life Hacks From the Internet That Appeared to Be Harmful

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Not all the information on the Internet should be trusted. Some tips just won’t work, but some can actually be harmful.

In order for us to stay safe, Viuu.org collected these “anti-tips” that should not be followed. cool stuff, cool stuff

14. Transparent nail polish for concealing lip herpes

You’d better not follow this tip because nail polish applied to such a rash may cause irritation or aggravation. Purchase a special cream in the drugstore, and carry it with you. cool stuff, cool stuff

13. PVA glue against blackheads

This is absolutely ineffective and even dangerous. Glue may cause allergies and skin or eye irritation. Use appropriate and safe solutions for blackhead removal, for example, pore strips. cool stuff, cool stuff

12. Home lip plumping

Perhaps this notion comes from our childhood. We all did it: stuck our lips into a glass and sucked the air in. However, instead of Angelina Jolie-style lips, you’ll get a horrible blue circle around your mouth.

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