14 Beauty Life Hacks From the Internet That Appeared to Be Harmful

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11. Using hair spray to fix your makeup

People say hair spray works well not only on the hair but also on the face as a makeup fixation solution and a pore tightener. Of course, it doesn’t work. The components of hair spray may cause skin irritation and rashes. Choose a product that will work for your skin type and lose the desire to use extreme tips.

10. Using horse shampoo

This tip works but only right after washing. However, you will be totally disappointed as the high levels of silicone in these products make hair fragile and thin. It is better not to improvise with horse shampoo, especially taking into consideration the fact that humanity invented a whole variety of shampoos for people.

9. Raw potato for oily skin

No doubt, the potato is a useful product, but do not apply it to your skin. Some substances contained in potatoes may fill the pores and cause acne. There are a lot of special oily skin care products — choose one for yourself.

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