15 Biggest Mistakes of Stock Market Investors

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o be a stock market investor, it is vital for a person to be level-headed and logical.

He needs to be able to think and make decisions on the go.

The investor should be able to juggle between his rational thoughts as well as gut instinct.`

Here are 15 mistakes that investors make on the stock market:

1. Having no plan

An investor with no plan does not know what he wants.

Investments are made in order to finance or accomplish something.

In order to be able to invest in a proper manner, an investor should know what he is trying to achieve. He needs to have a reason he is investing for.

For some investors this may be for the retirement, for some it may be the education of the children, but there are also who are willing to invest for the short-term goals such as a vacation.

Having a plan helps the investor to decide in what type of securities he must invest in, how long he should invest and how much he should invest in order to get the expected return that he wants.

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