8 Everyday Objects With Secret Uses You Don’t Know About

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6. Next time you want to fill up on gas and you get confused which side to go on, don’t worry. There’s an arrow on your gas tank meter that shows you which side the tank is on. It’s so convenient and it saves you time on re-parking and getting out of the car.

7. This one just might be the best discovery yet! Turns out, you don’t need to get all your plates dirty when you get takeout from a Chinese food place. Nope, you can save your stress. These things also fold into plates. You can also turn these bad boys back into a container and pop them in a fridge.

8. According to lifehackers.com, if you want only want one tic-tac and you just have no way of doing it without touching multiple pieces, well, there is a way. The lid on your pack of mints actually dispenses these bad boys one at a time. Not that anyone wants just one tic-tac, but just in case you do.

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