Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker!

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Coffee is the liquid antidote to an early morning. My morning cup of Cinnamon Pastry coffee (I know, you want one) would not be possible without my Keurig coffeemaker. My husband and I received our Keurig as a gift three years ago, and we’ve loved it ever since.

A Keurig, Tassimo, or Nespresso all get cleaned more or less the same way, but check your owner’s manual for specific instructions. While it might seem daunting at first to take apart all these pieces, it’s an easy process. Also, some of the parts are dishwasher safe, which makes our job even easier.

Required Products & Tools

  • Dish liquid
  • Cleaning toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Pure white vinegar

Getting Started

Always remember to unplug! Then, take the machine apart. Remove the reservoir and lid, drip tray and its cover, and the K-Cup holder and funnel (be careful—there’s a sharp needle attached to this!). These two pieces may be carefully separated, but I usually leave mine together for the cleaning process.

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