10 Common Not-So-Healthy Shower Habits We’d All Better Forget About

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6. Using old razors

Another bad habit that many of us have is using a razor until it’s totally useless. Remember those bar dishes and loofahs growing new unwanted life? Well, razors aren’t any different. In fact, it’s worse because if the razor is not sharp enough, it will give you many tiny cuts that you might not even notice. They may be too small for your eye, but big enough for the mold that has been growing between the blades on your razor.

7. Leaving your razor in the shower

The reason why you shouldn’t leave your razor in the shower is the same as above — mold loves any warm and damp environment. If you really want to store your razor inside the shower, find a spot where you can hang it, so it gets completely dry quickly after each use.

8. Washing your hair daily

Washing your hair every day is not a good idea because extensive washing may dry your scalp and in order to compensate for the drying, it will start producing even more oil. Guess what will happen next? Oily hair. If you already have this habit, try to use dry shampoo on your roots and wash the hair every other day.

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